Becoming Biodiversity Sources

Research into site, ecology, biology, technology, art, philosophy, and environmental humanities was an important part of developing this project. The following is a bibliography of resources, enjoy!

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Influential artworks

  • Cardiff, Janet, and Bures Miller, George. In Real Time. 1999. Audio/Video walk artwork at the Carnegie library.
  • Chin, Mel. Unmoored. 2018. Augmented reality art app exploring a potential future of melting ice caps and rising oceans filling Times Square.
  • Environmental Performance Agency. Suit Up! Join the Emergent Plantocene Clean Up. 2019. A multispecies coalition of embodied scientists, activists, and spontaneous plants who are re-imagining federal policy and agency in the face of imminent climate crises and mass extinction.
  • Haapoja, Terike, and Gustafsson, Laura. Museum of the History of Cattle. 2013. Art installation and research project on non-human perspectives.
  • Harrison, Helen Mayer, and Harrison, Newton. The Lagoon Cycle. 1976 – 1978. Environmental art narrative and mural installation.
  • Hubbard, Nick, Rebecca Lieberman, and Marina Zurkow. Newton Creek Field Guide, The Floating Studio for Dark Ecologies (FSDE). 2017. Audio tour and pamphlet guide for a superfund site in New York City.
  • Leanne, Allison, and Mendes, Jeremy. Bear 71. 2012. Interactive internet narrative of a female grizzly bear monitored by wildlife conservation officers.
  • Lucas, Kristin. Dance with FlARmingos. 2018. New Media, augmented reality art app staging kinship between humans and flamingos.
  • Mac Low, Clarinda, and Hall, Carolyn. Sunk Shore. November 20, 2017. Participatory, speculative, experiential tour of the future of Governors Island.
  • Mattingly, Mary. Swale. 2016. Art barge in New York promoting stewardship of public waterways and working to shift policies that will increase the presence of edible perennial landscapes.
  • Pappenheimer, Will. Ascension of Cod. 2017. Public art augmented reality application with conservation theme.
  • Thiel, Tamiko. Unexpected Growth. 2018. Generative, augmented reality installation at the Whitney Museum of Art, NY.
  • Candace Thompson. The Collaborative Urban Resilience Banquet (@the_c_u_r_b). 2019. Multispecies urban foraging experiment in NYC. Overcoming the Anthropocene by meeting (and eating) our non-human neighbors.
  • Wightman, Jenifer. Portraits of NYC. 2012. Living sculptures made of mud from NY waterways. Bacteria create a transforming colorfields defined by the chemical conditions of each sample.

Influential publications

Media and online resources

Influential & helpful people and places

Project collaborators

This project was made in collaboration with 3 important team members. Each are artists who have offered valuable advice in addition to brilliant skills: Josh Rodenberg is the audio artist, Danielle McPhatter provided programming (and teaching), and Jayne Kennedy created 3D Animations.

The production was made possible through a commission of Harvestworks, with residency and research support of the New York Urban Field Station, New York a partnership between NYC Parks, the US Forest Service, and the Natural Areas Conservancy, in New York, NY. My time on this project was made possible by a sabbatical granted by the Ohio State University.