If they could choose, where would domesticated crickets choose to be? Living outdoors in the midwest winters is not a a survivable option for Acheta domesticus (house crickets), but perhaps they still yearn for the pastoral grasslands and woodlands experienced by their wild relatives. Actual nature would be a bit harsh for these crickets, who are raised in climate-controlled tanks as food for reptiles, so I have constructed a safe bubble for them. This enclosure provides an artificial landscape and provides a simulation of motion through it. Through the use of a computer interface, the crickets are able to “interact” with their projected environment by chirping. Each chirp advances the panoramic, cricket-eye-view video footage of outdoor scenery.

This piece was made possible through the generous grant of an artist residency at Pilchuck Glass School. Special thanks to Michael Scheiner and Joe Cariatti the superstar glass blowing gaffers. Thanks also to Kami Westhoff and Simon Maberley for their expert advice and assistance in glass blowing, casting and cold working. And a special thanks to the Director Ruth King.

  • Holodeck for House Crickets 2005
  • Materials Live crickets, glass, sand, microphone, video projection and computer running a custom MaxMSP/Jitter patch
  • Exhibited Pilchuck Glass School, Stanwood, WA • Hopkins Hall Gallery, Columbus, OH • Interacess Electronic Media Art Center, Toronto, ON, Canada • ALife 2016 Conference, Cancun, Mexico