A live feed webcam located in my office at the Ohio State University broadcast the activities of composting worms in action. The meals were made of waste foods that worms like – carrot pulp, asparagus ends, coffee grounds, banana peels – on a bedding of shredded newspaper and coco coir. The worm bin was illuminated with infrared light to protect the worms from visible light, which can harm them.

Time lapse videos, were also produced. This one above shows the composting worms beingĀ fed carrot pulp, asparagus and shredded paper. They devoured it in 13 days, turning it into fertilized dirt. Part way through, the lid to the worm bin is opened so the scene is visible in color (the camera switches from infra-red to color mode).

Multiple LIVE Feedings occurred over four months, with the wormcam webcam live streaming 24/7.

  • LIVE Feeding 2015
  • Materials network webcam, live composting worms, plastic bin, food waste, paper waste, infrared light, video
  • Exhibited 849 Gallery, Kentucky School of Art, Louisville, KY