Plants, worms, and a robot make up this ecosystem artwork produced for the University of Maine. Humans feed the worms food waste, the worms eat and produce nutrients for the plants, the robot pumps the liquid worm compost to the planters, the plants drink and inhale human CO2, they exhale oxygen and the humans breathe fresh air. You can hug the furry planters if you like.

Ken Rinaldo and I collaborated to create this during our residency at the University of Maine’s Innovation Media Research Center (IMRC). We had the great help of the people and facilities there. Special thanks to Gene Felice, Sean Michael Taylor, Reed, Rachel Alexandrou, and Amy Pierce.

  • Machine Garden 2017
  • Materials Bacteria, fungi, soil, worms, water, wood, plants, pumps, electronics, aluminum, stainless steel, fabric, plastic, and silicone.
  • Collection University of Maine's Innovation, Media Research and Commercialization Center (IMRC)
  • Collaborator Ken Rinaldo