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SYLLABUS ART 5101 Aspects of Art & Tech 2
The Telepresent Animal

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Animal presence and representation in art and media.

+ Making Art for Insects








Wed Aug 21 - Day 1: Introduction to course concepts and your instructor's related research. Set up tumblr blogs. Screening Blinky, by Jeffrey Valance.

Mon Aug 26 - Day 2: Discussion of reading, presentation of your sections. Begin the animal webcam hunt assignment in groups.

Read: Caught up in Representation, from the Art & Animals book. Bring images and ideas to present to the class from your assigned section.

Post: to your Tumblr blog

Wed Aug 28 - Day 3: Introduce project 1 - Art for Insects. Discuss reading. Discuss initial observations of animal webcams.

Thurs Aug 29, Go to artist lecture by Michael Bell-Smith at 2:30pm in Hopkins room 362. Really!

Animal Webcam Hunt find 5 live animal webcams
- what can you observe?
- identify who the sponsor of the camera is? (who pays for it? Who manages it?)
- spend time watching the cameras
- chose one to watch most closely and visit it at least 3 times during the day/night
- consider the differences of observing the animal through the camera vs. in on location
- consider the differences/similarities between seeing the animal on webcam vs. in movies and tv.

Record your observations and thoughts in your notebook and be prepared to discuss and present in class.


Mon Sept 2 - Labor Day Holiday, NO CLASSES

Wed Sept 4 - Day 4: Artist talk by Ken Rinaldo

Work on your Art for Insects project, research, designs, prototypes.

Read: Art for Animals, essay by Matthew Fuller

Mon Sept 9 - Day 5: students present progress on project 1.

Work on and gather for presentation your Art for Insects project progress, research, designs, prototypes.
Wed Sept 11 - Day 6: Visiting artist Gene Felice presents his work Oceanic Scales. Also, discuss research methods.

Work on your Art for Insects project.


Mon Sept 16 - Day 7: Demo on the ioBridge and the internet of things. Discuss reading.

Work on your Art for Insects project

Read: The Trouble with Wilderness Photography essay by Bill McKibben.

Record your observations and thoughts in your notebook and be prepared to discuss and present in class.

Wed Sept 18 - Day 8: critique of Project 1 Finish your artwork for insects for the class critique.
Telepresence and the Internet of Things.


Mon Sept 23 - Day 9: Jessica Ann presents her research. Continues demos on ioBridge

Invent 2 ideas for an internet of things project and be ready to discuss them with each other in class.

Wed Sept 25 - Day 10: Screening Avatar

Gather information about your 2 research ideas andCreate sketches and/or maps of them

Mon Sept 30 - Day 11: Present concept sketches and ideas. Group discussions about which projects to pursue and if groups should form. Discuss reading.

Develop your sketches and research for an internet of things related project.

Read: Where Am I? by Daniel Dennett

* EVENT * Director David Gatten in conversation with Ann Hamilton at the Wexner Sept 29, 1pm.

Wed Oct 2 - Day 12: Lecture and discussion on telepresence artwork. Test concepts in ioBridge platform.

Read: Introduction: the Unique Phenomenon of a Distance, in The Robot in the Garden, by Ken Goldberg. Rework and further develop concepts.

Collaborations between humans, animals and machines.




Mon Oct 7 - Day 13: Class brainstorm on artmaking concepts presented by individuals and groups. Discuss reading.

* EVENT * Martha Colburn artist talk and exhibition at Canzani Center CCAD Oct 3, 6:30pm

* EVENT * Mike Olenick introduces and shows his new film All the Memory in the World at the Wexner Oct 4, 7pm

Wed Oct 9 - Day 14: Working on project research in class. Discuss reading.

Work on your project.

Read: Crittercam chapter in When Species Meet, by Donna Haraway.

Mon Oct 14 - Day 15: Work on projects.

Work on your project.
Wed Oct 16 - Day 16: Watch The Bats, by Jim Trainor. Discuss reading.

Read: What is it like to be a Bat? by Thomas Nagel.

Work on your project.

Mon Oct 21 - Day 17: In-class presentations of student research projects for final.

Prepare for an in-class presentation of your fully-developed research project.

Wed Oct 23 - Day 18: Vising artist talk by Krzysztof Topolski (aka Arszyn) Work on your project.

Mon Oct 28 - Day 19: Work on projects

Work on your project.

Wed Oct 30 - Day 20: Work on projects.

Work on your project.

* EVENT * The Quay Brothers introduce Mistaken Hands at the Wexner on Sat. Nov 2, 7pm.


• Mid-project critique

Mon Nov 4 - Day 21: Work on projects

Work on your project

Wed Nov 6 - Day 22: .Graded Mid-project critique.

Work on your project

* EVENT * Stan Douglas artist talk at the Wexner Nov 5 4:30pm

Perfecting the art for critique

Mon Nov 11 - Veteran's Day holiday, No Classes.

Wed Nov 13 - Day 23: Draft critique of everyone's finals

Work on your project.

Mon Nov 18 - Day 24: * We meet at CCAD today at 6:30pm for this special EVENT * Miranda July artist talk/performance at CCAD Canzani Center

Work on your project.

* EVENT * Miranda July artist talk/performance at CCAD Canzani Center Nov 18, 6:30pm

Wed Nov 20 - Day 25: In class workday on final projects.

Work on your project.

Bring $4 cash to contribute to the end of the semester exhibition snack fund.

Mon Nov 25 - Day 26: Class critique of completed final projects. EVERYONE NEEDS TO BE IN CLASS AND READY TO GO AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS Finalize your project and set it up for critique.

Exhibition preparations, setup, and opening celebration

Wed Nov 26 - Thanksgiving Holiday, no classes.

Check the signup sheet to see what time you signed up to help out.

Invite your friends and family to the show!

Mon Dec 2 - Day 27: Exhibition set up day - All artwork must be dropped off for the juried exhibition between 10:00am and 12:30pm in the Hopkins Hall Gallery. Installation of all accepted artwork must take place between 2:30 pm and 5pm on this day. Your work must be professionally presented. You will be responsible for bringing what you will need for the installation of your work; tools, hardware, projectors, pedestals, media player etc. Reserve equipment from Classroom Services far in advance to ensure availability. Everyone should expect to help out with the production of the exhibition in some way: clean-up, gallery sitting, the snack organizing or the installation set-up. This show is a group effort. Each student needs to contribute $4 to the exhibition refreshments fund so we can have some snacks at the opening.
Tues Dec 3 - Day 28: Exhibition Opening Celebration from 5 - 8pm. Invite your friends/family!

Wed - Fri: Exhibition has open hours 10:00am - 5:00pm. Please be responsible about making sure your artwork is functioning as it should during this time.

Fri Dec 6 - Show take-down is from 5:00 - 6:00pm. You are responsible for removing your work. Know that all leftover work will be discarded.

Make a Tumblr post about your finished work. Include a short artist statement.

Due on Wed by midnight.

This schedule is subject to change - I'll keep you posted with updates in class and on the CARMEN site
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