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Harvesting Color: the art and science of plant/human relationships

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Guide to writing a scientific report:

. AUTEX Research Journal, Vol. 8, No2, June 2008.
As a guide on how to structure your report. Your report will be shorter than this paper, but should contain all the elements described below.

  1. Plan on writing 2-3 pages of single spaced text in a 12 p font, plus references.
  2. Pan on adding illustrations to your report: Figures and/or tables.
  3. Plan on the following format
    • Title of study
    • Author of study
    • Abstract/Summary:
      10-12 lines. Summarize the goals, experiments, outcomes, and interpretation of the study in a comprehensive form.
    • Introduction:
      Describe what the purpose of the study was, and give a brief background about what was already known in the field, focussing on what was relevant for this study. Cite literature.
    • Materials and methods: List what was used for the experiments and describe your methodology. The purpose of this part is to make your work reproducible by another scientist, based on this paper.
    • Results: This is the core part of the paper. Describe what you have done, what the results were, and how you interpret them. Add figures and/or tables to demonstrate, visualize, and summarize your data. Each figure or table has to be numbered. Add a figure legend to explain the content of the figure and any abbreviations used.
    • Discussion: Briefly discuss your findings: Where they expected/unexpected, and why? Did they verify or falsify a hypothesis you stated in the introduction? How do you suggest to follow up on this study?
      Results and Discussion can be combined. Use the format that works best for what you want to say.
    • References: List all literature cited in your report (this is outside your page limit). Use a professional format of your choice.

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