An experimental stage for characters, props and improvisational play in Coshocton, Ohio, which is broadcast live to web viewers worldwide. The featured stars of the broadcast are the live park visitors entering the grassy stage area. Also in the staging area are movable statue-like props. These life-sized, weatherproof, photographic cutouts are the characters, heros and luminaries from Coshocton Ohio’s past and present. Decisions about who should be honored as a “statue” were made by students from the Coshocton Opportunity High School after a process of community interviews, research and discussion.

The statues present the park visitor with an array of props to arrange as they see fit and they also present the webcam viewers with a changing scene of Coshocton, which includes live actors among the photographically represented.

This public art project concept by Amy Youngs was created in collaboration with the Coshocton Opportunity High School students and Anne Cornell at the Pomerene Center for the Arts.

  • Coshocton Webcam Statue Stage 2009
  • Materials outdoor network webcam, photographic standees mounted to foam.
  • Exhibited artPARK, Pomerene Center for the Arts, Coshocton, OH
  • Collaborator Anne Cornell and the Coshocton Opportunity High School students