Hermit Crabs cannot grow their own shells, so they rely upon marine snails to produce the shells they use to protect themselves. When they grow out of the old shell, or find another that just suits their fancy, they will move into a new one. It is our hope that they will want to move into these shells that have been designed and rapid-prototyped especially for them. We realize that it is entirely possible (maybe even likely) that our designs will fail to meet their expectations; given the long-standing evolutionary relationship they have with the snail shells they currently use. We consider this to be a work in progress, as with this medium of rapid prototyping, many trial and error designs can be realized in a rapid, hyper-evolututive process, allowing the hermit crabs themselves to be the ultimate judges of what works.

Exhibited in INTERSCULPT 2001- the Fifth Annual World Wide Computer Sculpture Exhibition.

Sponsored by ARTCORE. Special thanks to John Marshall and Cezanne Charles

  • Prototypes for Hermit Crab Shells 2001
  • Materials Live hermit crabs, computer-designed and selectively laser-sintered plastic .
  • Collaborator Matt Derksen
  • Exhibited Archetype Gallery, Dayton, OH • Polvo, Chicago, IL