A poem to plants, in the form of a multimedia webpage. Visit it here.

Project statement: As our ancestors, plants are more than just food, shelter, and oxygen producers. They have been intimately involved in shaping the human species. They arrived on earth millions of years before us and our bodies evolved to interact with them. Our eyes can detect the colors of their ripe fruits, our tongues can taste them, and our fingers are shaped to pluck, shuck, peel, weave, and plant them. Yet, I know so little about their ways of being in our shared world. With the hope of learning, I read many books. This led to a desire to know them in ways that did not privilege human language, so I began to observe them more closely; first by taking their portraits, then by sharing space and time with them in photographs and videos. I developed a regular practice I call plant noticing, which allows my eyes to be curious about them, my hands to be guided by the pleasure of their shapes and textures, and my cellphone to capture our time in the light together. 

  • Vegetal Entangling 2020
  • Medium Multimedia webpage
  • Exhibited What Makes Us Human? Sesnon Gallery, Santa Cruz, CA. • ImageOhio 2021, Roy G Biv Gallery, Columbus, OH.
  • Visit project https://hypernatural.com/vegetal-entangling/