Grafted cacti are monstrous and delightful parasites, horticultural ornaments and life-support systems. Fluorescent cacti are mutants that lack chlorophyll and cannot feed themselves. They rely upon other cacti for their food and humans serve as their partners as we do the work of physically grafting them onto their hosts. We play a key role in the survival of this cute mutant parasite.

In this installation, I have “overgrafted” multiple types of cacti to make our intertwined relationships more visible. I have included elements such as my own hair, the fur of rabbits, bird feathers, fake eyelashes and dead cactus spikes.

Special thanks to Espen Gangvik of Teks Trondheim Electronic Arts Centre, for supporting this project at the Hybrids Matchmaking exhibition in Trondheim, Norway, 2008.

  • Cute Parasites 2008
  • Materials live grafted cacti with feathers, rabbit fur, real and fake human hair, fake eyelashes and rubber bands.
  • Exhibited Trondheim Matchmaking, Trøndelag Centre for Contemporary Art, Norway • Hopkins Hall Gallery, Columbus, OH • Pomerene Center for the Arts, Coschocton, OH