116 dead birds are here to represent the 1 billion birds killed by buildings each year. Window strike is the term used when birds collide with windows, which they sometimes perceive as transparent throughway, or as reflected sky. Yet, these windows and tall buildings give humans great joy, as we soar up in the air and peer down at the smaller landscape below with bird’s-eye-views. What if we tried to see our architecture from a bird’s perspective?

Dead Bird Map
BioPresence Dead Bird Map
Dead birds found at the Ohio State University are mapped, stuffed and photographed. Click to open the interactive map, created as part of the BioPresence project by team members Matt Lewis and Angelika Nelson.
I would like to thank Stephanie Malinich of the Tetrapod collection at the Museum of Biological Diversity for the loan of these birds. I would also like to thank artist Allison Blair, whose dead bird project at Hopkins Hall inspired me.


  • STRIKE 2015
  • Materials dead birds, custom nylon harnesses, wood, fabric
  • Exhibited Hopkins Hall, The Ohio State University, Columbus, OH