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Augmented Senses: Feminist Queer Augmented and Virtual Realities

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I was so happy to be a part of this symposium that focused on artistic, non-normative uses of augmented and virtual reality technologies, curated by Kathy High and Branda Miller. The other two presenters, micha cárdenas and Eva Davidova are both artists I am inspired by and the discussant, Kate Galloway, did an excellent job weaving together the topics of immersion, embodiment, access, interdependence, and world-building beyond utopia/dystopia, through the conversation and the Q&A session. I am really pleased that this one was recorded. Do check it out in the video below!  

“Augmented and virtual reality have become commonplace. The Augmented Senses: Feminist Queer Augmented/Virtual Reality virtual symposium highlights experimental and creative approaches to enhanced immersive experiences. Focusing on gender, trans, and feminist themes around the body, desire, biological art, and our microbial environment, three contemporary artists will present their work: micha cárdenas, Eva Davidova, and Amy M. Youngs.”

– More on the Feminist Queer Augmented and Virtual Realities symposium site.

This was programming put on by the CURTIS R. PRIEM EXPERIMENTAL MEDIA AND PERFORMING ARTS CENTER at Rensselaer