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Engineering Utopia

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The Museum for Insects has been renovated! it houses a brand new exhibition and is streaming 24/7 with telepresence cricket vibrator sculpture and songs. For the full experience, you’ll want to visit the physical museum in Columbus, Ohio at the Urban Arts Space (May 30, 2017 – July 15, 2017). It lives with great company in an art & technology exhibition curated by Kris Paulsen: “Engineering Utopia is premised on the idea that utopias are places or situations consciously built and conceived – engineered – for perfection, but also bound to remain hypothetical, unrealized, and imaginary. This exhibition examines interactions between artists and engineers from the late 1960s to the present, and how the context of art allowed them to dream greatly and ‘fail’ wildly.” This exhibition features artworks by Bell Labs, John Cage, Charles Csuri, Experiments in Art and Technology, Lutz Dammbeck, Isla Hansen, Ken Rinaldo, Lillian Schwartz, Stan VanDerBeek, and Amy Youngs, and OSU student research into the restoration of works by Chris Burden and Ken Goldberg.

Engineering Mini Utopia, is the miniature version of the show, which features work by many of the artists in the larger show – Ken Goldberg, Isla Hansen, Ken Rinaldo, Lillian Schwartz, and Stan VanDerBeek. Works by additional artists – TradeMark Gunderson, Tucker Marder and Jim Wilson – were invited into the exhibition to address the cricket audience and to further experiment with the utopian ideals of communication, appreciation, and aesthetic pleasure across species.