Ken Rinaldo

A solo exhibition of art for crickets created by human artist Ken Rinaldo October 19, 2013 – February 2, 2014.

Ken Rinaldo is an artist and theorist who creates interactive multimedia installations that blur the boundaries between the organic and inorganic. He has been working at the intersection of art and biology for over two decades working in the catagories of interactive robotics, biological art, artificial life, interspecies communication, rapid prototyping and digital imaging.His works have been commissioned and displayed nationally and internationally at museums, galleries and festivals such as: The Biennale of Electronic ArtsPerth Australia, Exit Festival France, Transmediale Berlin, Germany, ARCO Arts Festival Madrid, Spain, The OK Center for Contemporary Art, ARS ELECTRONICA, Austria; The Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki, Finland; The Australian Center for Photograhy; The Chicago Art Institute,Chicago; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago; The Northern Illinois University Art Museum, Chicago; The Home Show, Seoul, Korea; V2 Dutch Electronica Arts Festival, Rotterdam, Holland; Image Du Future, Montreal, Canada; Siggraph, Los Angeles; The Exploratorium, San Francisco.

overview of Trans-Species exhibition


beeseed small by Ken Rinaldo Twirlworm by Ken Rinaldo by Ken Rinaldo

Branchhouse sculpture

List of included artworks: Rodeo Cricket Sculpture: 3D modeling and rapid prototyped sculpture. Rodeo Cricket: Mini Giclee Print. Bee Seed: Mini Giclee Print, Hairy Light Seed: Mini Giclee Print. Branch House Sculpture: rapid prototype, human hair, and shrink wrap tubing. Plastic Bloom sculpture: 3D modeling and rapid prototyped sculpture. Star Seed: Mini Giclee Print. Sploom Seed: Mini Giclee Print. Worm Seed: Mini Giclee Print. Cricket Leg Mobile: Silicone rubber. Cricket Head Collage: Mini Giclee Print. Glitch sculpture with female form: 3D rapid prototyped sculpture. Sound Art Symphony for crickets: Melodyne manipulated cricket chirping.

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