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Opening events in New York City

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To celebrate my new artwork Becoming Biodiversity, I am presenting it in several events in New York City. The first is a panel and discussion on June 1, with Dylan Gauthier and Julia Oldham, artists also working in the parks, also working with new media. Then, I’ll present the work on site at Willow Lake, as part of a stewardship event with the Alliance for Flushing Meadows Corona Park. June 2 and June 8.

Beyond Human: Art & Tech Connections in Urban Parks Panel

Can technology help us connect with the non-human worlds within New York City parks? Hear artists Amy Youngs, Dylan Gauthier and Julia Oldham present and discuss their new projects focused on noticing, experiencing, and caring about the ecosystems present in the parks. Through augmented reality apps, 360 media, digital field guides and sci-fi adventures, these artists are exploring new ways for humans to interact with our local biological communities. More info…

Date: June 1. Time: 3pm – 4:30, Place: Governors Island Swale house,  Nolan Park.

Becoming Biodiversity Stewardship Event

Join the Environmental Stewardship Team and artist Amy Youngs for an augmented reality tour + planting at Willow Lake!

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